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Welcome to Glenn Cannon Music

Australian fusion/jazz guitarist Glenn Cannon is back with Clockwork for 2009. Cannon has put together numerous talented musicians for this followup to 2004's "Leverage". Luke Howard mans keyboards, while Gavin Pearce holds down the low end. Tim Wilson doubles on flutes and saxophones, while Danny Farrugia kicks it on drums. Jarvier Fredes contributes percussion layers, and Jon-Erik Andreassen adds drum programming to the mix.

As Darryn Farrugia has previously written, "Compositionally speaking, Glenn is a composer of immense talent who manages to intertwine complex chord changes and intellectually stimulating melodies without ever sacrificing musicality. His influences are vast but emerge in the form of an individual with something fresh to offer." You'll want to add Clockwork to your Cannon collection. - guitarnine records

Clockwork Reviews, 2010

“…intricate compositions, masterful playing, and imaginative improvisations.”
James Scott, Minor 7th magazine, USA, September 2010

“…an excellent, mature and fiery outing here that further solidifies
his place as one of Australia’s more unique and gifted guitarists.”
Trent Bryson-Dean, Drumscene Magazine, Australia, April 2010

“There is great beauty in this way of playing… one of the best from 2009.”
Scott Itter, Dr Music Magazine, USA, April 2010

Intricatley crafted compositions from classical to jazz, latin, electronic, acoustic and electric guitar music with an overiding jazz/fusion style laced with killer guitar solos.

“…with a dose of Holdsworth-ian style fretboard pyrotechnics… Cannon’s Clockwork
is a veritable instrumental jazz-rock classic for the new millennium.”
Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express